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The Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal System now Available in Michigan

The Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal System now Available in MichiganDr. Robert H. Burke of The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is excited to announce the introduction of the Astanza Trinity tattoo removal laser system. This is the fastest and most powerful Ruby laser available with speeds up to twice as fast as other systems. This offers patients an easier process for tattoo removal.

When asked about tattoo removal, Dr. Burke stated, "By offering laser treatments capable of treating all treatable colors and treatment times up to twice as fast we are committed to making tattoo removal as easy as possible. This is part of our patient centered approach to tattoo removal."

Dr. Burke has over 25 years of laser tattoo removal experience and based the choice of a new laser system on his extensive research and experience with medical tattoo removal laser systems. "Our goal is to provide safe, scientifically based cosmetic patient care including advanced state of the art tattoo removal." stated Dr. Burke.