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Gynecomastia Specialist Is Now Using Specialized Techniques with Uni-lateral Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Specialist Is Now Using Specialized Techniques with Uni-lateral GynecomastiaDr. Joseph T. Cruise, who practices in Orange County, is now using specialized suturing and incision techniques resulting in superior results for patients suffering with uni-later gynecomastia.

It is very common for men to have bi-lateral gynecomastia, meaning excessive breast tissue in both breasts. Gynecomastia, also referred to as male breast reduction, hinders confidence, intimate relationships, and physical activity due to embarrassment and humiliation. This condition looks more like an abnormality, because only one side is affected and is not seen as frequently. It is more difficult to obtain optimal results when surgery is being performed on just one breast.

Dr. Cruise performed uni-lateral gynecomastia surgery on one of his patients who had been suffering physically and emotionally with one enlarged breast. This problem developed early in his teenage years and as a result of embarrassment and humiliation, he became withdrawn socially and eventually gave up playing water polo, along with other activities prone to wearing no shirt. The patient selected Dr. Cruise because of his specialty in gynecomastia correction and advanced surgical techniques. Since the operation his life has changed both physically and emotionally as a result of now having normal looking male breasts. He no longer hides his chest with clothing and goes to the beach without his shirt on, which is something he had not done in more than two years. The specialized suturing used by Cruise resulted in limited visibility scarring, therefore there are no obvious signs of his condition.