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New Treatment Protocol for Perioral Lines Introduced by Viora

New Treatment Protocol for Perioral Lines Introduced by Viora

Doctors now have an alternative to facial fillers. Refine introduces Proprietary CORE and SVC - technology to treat stubborn expression wrinkles. Also referred to as "barcode" lines, these static, vertical lines are caused by a number of factors including genetics, aging, sun exposure and smoking. Facial filler and volume corrections is typicallly inadequate in the treatment of static lines. A more effective solution is the targeting of the skin and stimulating fibroblast activity.

With Viora's ReFine, practitioners can use the V-ST handpiece to achieve skin tightening, and the V-FR handpiece for skin resurfacing. This treatment combination tightens skin to erase lines, improves skin texture and restores skin elasticity.

"Viora is continuously searching for ways to assist our customers in their business, while providing effective, relevant solutions - with our new ReFine protocol, we've achieved that," said Meital Ben-Tovim, General Manager, Viora Ltd., "ReFine offers aesthetic practitioners a better treatment for perioral lines, using an innovative combination of our RF technologies delivered via the V-ST and V-FR handpieces. We're excited about the potential for our customers, as well as for their patients, with the implementation of this protocol."

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