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The Exciting New Lift Treatment

The Exciting New Lift Treatment

We've all heard of Botox and Restylane and those are good options for "liquid lifts", but there is a new tool to turn back time without surgery.

It's called Ultherapy, which is a form of ultrasonic skin tightening that works using ultrasonic therapy that affects collagen renewal on a very deep level.

The best part is Ultherapy is gentle on the surface of your face, targeting soft tissue below the surface of the skin.

The best candidates are patients over 40 who have begun to see loss of elasticity in the brow, chin, neck and chest areas. What's really exciting is the results of tightening and plumping can be seen from three weeks up to six months after the treatment. One of the undesirable effects are that it hurts. Diane Walder, M.D., who practices in Bal Harbour, FL, says it's come a long way since earlier versions of the technology.

"I met with the Ultherapy reps years ago, and I told them no, this is just too painful for my clients. This year they came back to me with something tolerable that gives great results," says Dr. Walder.

The good news is once the session is done, so is the pain. There is no need to avoid social functions of the sun's rays afterwards, although she is a dermatologist and will never sanction out and out sunbathing. The session takes about an hour and cost is about $2,800-$3,500, but the results are long lasting. So long lasting, in fact, that patients are advised to take before and after shots 1 year and 2 years post to get the full breadth of the changes.

As they say, good things come to those who wait.