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The Booming Business of Tattoo Regret

The Booming Business of Tattoo RegretAs reported on Kansas City's news stations Q13Fox and CBS Channel 12, tattoo removal is booming with a lot of tattoo regret. There are many reasons one might regret a past tattoo decision. Some have a change in career, where having a tattoo is inappropriate or not allowed or maybe it's an ex-spouse. Some moms have expressed that what seemed to be a good idea in their 20's doesn't fit in their lifestyle now. In the past if you had a regrettable tattoo you would have to cover it up with a larger one but with the advance in lasers, there are other options.

Tyler Moody, the owner of Surreal Tattoo Studio in Kansas City, MO says regrets are big business for him. People come in often wanting to cover up something and turn it into imagery more suited to their current situation.

Dr. Julie Holding who works in plastic surgery at the University of Kansas Hospital states, “Using different wavelengths of light, it targets the tattoo pigment specifically. We’re getting the point where you can have one laser to try to target all of the pigments.”

It still can be difficult to remove some, for example: new tattoos, professional tattoos, light-colored or flesh-tone tattoos, exotic or vibrant colors, especially newer fluorescent inks, on lower extremities, dark-complexion people (must be treated conservatively and slower to reduce risks of scarring and pigmentation).

If you are in general good health and have a positive outlook and realistic expectations, you are considered a good candidate. Those with pale skin and dark tattoos respond more quickly. You're not considered a good candidate if you have a compromised immune system (diabetes, HIV or other immune disorders), have Keloid or hypertrophic scar formers, take medications that make you sensitive to light (such as Accutane, some antibiotics, gold salts, etc.)