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New Cosmetic Surgery Trend for Male Patients

New Cosmetic Surgery Trend for Male PatientsCosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Geroulis of Northfield, Illinois, sees an interesting trend over the last several years which sparked new and innovative plastic surgery techniques and programs to keep up with a steady increase in men undergoing cosmetic surgery. While reasons for this are varied, delayed retirement and the desire for men to keep up with younger employees have played a large part in it.

Dr. Anthony Geroulis, said, �Some men tell me they are considering cosmetic surgery for personal reasons, for example to keep up with their younger looking spouses who are long familiar with the world of cosmetic surgery. For others, however, it�s to benefit their professional life: many male patients have told me they want to feel confident and youthful amidst an influx of younger employees.�

At his practice, North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery he said, �We have seen a growth in men and cosmetic surgery since the year 2000. Back then less than 5% of our patients were men and now they make up 35-38% of our total patients.�