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Vanquish for Fat Reduction in Atlanta

Vanquish for Fat Reduction in AtlantaDr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Scott Karempelis of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta have performed liposuction since 1986. To remain on the cusp of dermatologic technology and provide the most effective body contouring procedures available they have added Vanquish, a non- invasive fat reduction treatment to their practice.

Vanquish uses radio frequency to destroy fat without direct contact with the patient's body. The radio frequency waves utilized are specially created to target and destroy fat cells by emanating heat from the device to melt fat without damaging the surrounding skin or muscle. During the treatment session, a large, curved panel is placed across the body area to be treated, such as the abdomen, flanks (also known as love handles), or thighs. "The patient lies relaxed on a comfortable table and painlessly feels warmth on the treatment site, one of the only minimal side effects involved," explains Dr. Karempelis.

Most patients report the most significant improvement within a few weeks after their last treatment, while some patients may see results after a single treatment. Due to the system destroying fat cells themselves rather than just the fat found inside the cells, results are long lasting. "Opting for Vanquish" can be a great option for patients who wish to eliminate excess fat that has been previously resistant to diet and exercise, with the added benefit of no surgery, scarring, or extensive recovery," adds Dr. Griffin.