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Total Body Liposuction Now Available in The Twin Cities

Total Body Liposuction Now Available in The Twin CitiesIn the Minneapolis area, Shu Cosmetic Surgery is now offering Total Body Lipo. This procedures is performed extensively across the body focusing on fat-deposited areas. New liposuction technologies have improved efficiency, patient safety, and reduce recovery time; this makes total body liposuction possible in the ambulatory surgical facility.

The liposuction is performed under the tumescent anesthesia with diluted Lidocaine. By spreading the procedures out, the total amount of Lidocaine can be reduced in each liposuction procedure. It also improves liposuction experience because, by spreading the procedures out, the surgeon can use more tumescent fluid in the sensitive areas without maximizing the dose of Lidocaine. It helps control pain, maximize fat removal, and facilitate recovery.

�It depends on the body size and amount of fat deposits; Total Body Lipo may need 1-3 sessions, spaced 3-7 days apart. We often group the abdomen, lower back, and hip together in the first lip, and group the neck, upper arm, inner thigh, knee and other areas in the second lipo. Your body can be transformed in a week!� says Dr. Steven Shu , medical director of Shu Cosmetic Surgery. �Our lipo technologies and techniques are much safer and more precise than crude fat extraction from the past.�

The Total Body Lipo can be performed effectively and efficiently under intravenous or oral sedation and local tumescent anesthesia; it usually takes 2 hours to finish the liposuction in each session. Total body liposuction typically costs 20-40% less than having sessions done individually.