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Advanced Body Sculpting for Men Developed by Pittsburgh Surgeon

Advanced Body Sculpting for Men Developed by Pittsburgh SurgeonThe new body contouring techniques helps men attain a much more athletic and muscular look than they would with more traditional body lift procedures. The results are quite dramatic and desirable as well, especially for men who are naturally more muscular or broadly built in the chest, shoulders, and torso.

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, who practices in Pittsburgh has developed these special body contouring techniques for muscular men. He will present them at a professional meeting this year.

Dr. Hurwitz's innovation for male body contouring helps improve the results of male breast reduction as well as male body lift procedures. Performed in either one or two stages depending on the needs of the patient, Dr. Hurwitz's techniques will address issues with gynecomastia and also improve the overall skin tightness of the upper and lower body to better emphasize the superficial muscles underneath. This involves the consideration of horizontal and vertical tissue removal to better display the musculature of a man's body.