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Regenerative FUE Hair Transplant Using ACell & PRP

Regenerative FUE Hair Transplant Using ACell & PRPFounder of Modena Hair Transplant Institute, Dr. Amir Yazdan is utilizing a new advanced technique for FUE Hair Restoration using a minimally invasive technique to harvest hair follicles and allow regeneration of the donor zone using Acell & PRP.

He calls this Minimal Depth FUE and he offers this procedure in both Orange County and Las Vegas. FUE Hair Transplant procedures have grown exponentially in the past few years. Many clinics use large diameter punches greater than 1.0mm with deep extraction techniques such as seen with the Neograft or Artas Robot. Although this may make the FUE procedure easier for the surgeon, it can create long-term complications for the patient.

The larger punches and deep extraction removes the surrounding adipose tissue/fat associated with the hair follicle. This adipose tissue contains essential stem cells which can help regenerate hair follicles in the donor zone. Furthermore, when these fatty grafts are transplanted, a lot of times we see lumps and ridging which can be felt and seen by the patient.

Dr. Yazdan says, "In a Hair Transplant procedure the goal is to transplant hair, not fat. With my new minimally invasive FUE technique, it ensures that only the hair is extracted leaving the regenerating stem cells behind."