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New York Dermalogist Shares Tips On Current Aesthetic Procedure Trends

New York Dermalogist Shares Tips On Current Aesthetic Procedure TrendsBoard-certified dermatologist, who was named a "Super Doctor" by The New York Times, Dr. Julie Russak shares that cosmetic dermatology advancements have made it possible for all patients to have non-invasive procedures performed with next to no downtime.

As an example, a facial filler may be used for a specific area, such as adding volume to facial wrinkles and folds on the skin. Filler can also add volume where a wrinkle isn�t present, but to correct and contour the face. �It�s remarkable how fillers can immediately correct under eye hallows, create a sleek nose, or even enhance the chin,� says Dr. Russak. �The field of dermal fillers has grown significantly in the last year allowing us to do things that were achieved only with surgery in the past.�

There are still concerns that are best addressed with surgery, such as severe hooding of the lids or extreme laxity on the face or body. Other concerns such as minimizing a slight bump on the bridge of the nose, defining a chin or tightening lax skin be significantly enhanced using new, non-invasive developments. �Most of my patients are busy professionals, so it�s very important that we offer effective procedures that require next to no downtime,� says Dr. Russak. �With all the advances in cosmetic dermatology, patients who would never or cannot consider surgery now have a comparable option.�