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What Patients Value Most When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon Surveyed

What Patients Value Most When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon SurveyedIn an effort to better understand what patient's value most when considering a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery, MyLooks put together a survey and discovered that physician experience and qualifications are considered the most important. The results demonstrate the importance of choosing a Board-Certified plastic surgeon.

Patients were asked to select their top three considerations when choosing a plastic surgeon in order of importance. According to the survey, which was sent to over 13,000 prospects, 82% of the respondents consider physician experience and qualifications to be the most significant over the cost of the procedure (40%) and the quality of the clinic (32%). Only 25% of the respondents valued a customized approach to their plastic surgery experience and only 23% considered personal referrals from a friend, family member or doctor of value.

"Choosing a plastic surgeon who is experienced and has the proper qualifications is vital to the patients overall health and the success of the plastic surgery procedure," said Dr. Lawrence M. Korpeck, MyLooks Boca Raton. "All MyLooks surgeons have over 25 years of plastic surgery experience. It is very importance to select a surgeon who is Board-Certified, patients need to do their homework and research their physician and check their credentials."