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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon on The Doctors Performing Awake Liposuction

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon on The Doctors Performing Awake LiposuctionDr. Justin Yovino of Beverly Hills will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Doctors, airing on Monday, April 28. Dr. Yovino was invited to appear on the program due of his innovative work performing awake laser liposuction.

The lengthy recovery associated with traditional liposuction often is not an option for patients. After finding that even a strict diet and regular exercise did nothing to reduce the size of one patient's arms, who is a fitness instructor, she inquired about a slimming procedure that wouldn't require anesthesia. Awake laser liposuction requires only light sedation, which allowed the patient to remain conscious and comfortable the whole time. It does not use needles, scalpels, or stitches, and patients do not need to follow any dieting restrictions, such as fasting, either before or after the operation.

Dr. Yovino was able to complete the procedure on the patient featured in the episode in less than an hour, and she was able to return home the same day with no pain. Although Dr. Yovino advised her to avoid rigorous exercise while recovering, she was able to return to her normal activities the next day.