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Breast Reduction in South Florida

Breast Reduction in South FloridaIn Miami, ARC Plastic Surgery and Dr. Jeremy White now offer Breast Reduction, also called Mammoplasty. Large, heavy breasts can cause back and neck pain, skin irritation from the tug on bra straps, and even posture problems. The constant pull of heavy breasts on bra straps can cause painful indentations on a woman’s shoulders. Breast reduction surgery can eliminate these problems.

Sometimes liposuction can be used in addition to a reduction mammoplasty for greater chances in achieving the desired shape of the breasts. Results with the addition of liposuction may be acceptable for women in need of significant reduction who do not want a large amount of scarring or loss of sensation.

A successful breast reduction surgery will relieve or reduce pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. It might also increase a woman’s ability to participate in physical activities and promote a more positive self-image. The size and shape of the breasts and how much reduction is desired are factors that will be discussed in the initial consultation with Dr. White. He will help patients determine the most effective technique they would like to use for their own procedure.