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Groundbreaking Technique for Better Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Groundbreaking Technique for Better Brazilian Butt Lift ResultsFat transfer is a very popular and the safest method plastic surgeons use to add volume to the buttocks. But the traditional way of performing the procedure, by repeatedly filling a syringe with fat that has been removed from other areas of the body via liposuction then injecting it into the buttocks, can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Surgeons at The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Houston, set out to find a better way of achieving the same outcome and ultimately discovered a more efficient method of fat grafting that allowed them to obtain far better results than was previously thought possible.

Basically, they take the mechanism used to suction fat out of the body during liposuction and reverse it so that the fat is gently, yet quickly, moved through a small tube with a series of spinning propellers, rather than being forced through a syringe. With this method, surgeons can safely inject two to three times more fat to the buttocks in minutes compared to the hours it formerly required. This greater fat volume allows the doctors to more fully sculpt the contours that are highly sought, thanks in part to the famously shapely backsides of celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian who helped launch the trend.

ACPS plastic surgeon Dr. German Newall said, “To achieve a lasting, good, noticeable change, you have to put in about three and a half cups of fat per buttock. This much fat allows us to comprehensively contour the buttocks, addressing all the aspects that contribute to an attractive shape, including the buttock’s projection, fullness, and how it joins the outer thigh so that a smooth, round contour can be sculpted."