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Toronto Plastic Surgeon no Longer Recommending Massage After Breast Implants

Toronto Plastic Surgeon no Longer Recommending Massage After Breast ImplantsMoving again the industry norm, Dr. Jerome Edelstein, who practices at the Toronto clinic, Edelstein Cosmetic, is no longer recommending massage to patients who have just had breast implant surgery.

“The reason I stopped having patients do massage after breast augmentation was my theory on bleeding being a trigger for hardening,” Dr. Jerome Edelstein, head plastic surgeon at Edelstein Cosmetic states. “Doing massage early on, when everything is still raw inside, doesn't make sense to me.”

It is commonly believed by plastic surgeons that massage exercises soften the internal scar tissue that forms around the breast implants while recovering from surgery, keeping it as pliable as possible for a more natural result. In addition, it is also believed to minimize the risk of capsular contracture, one of the most common problems that can occur.

Dr. Edelstein now uses customized surgical techniques during surgery. One such technique is “bloodless”, meaning that every blood vessel in the area where the breast implants are to be placed is cauterized to eliminate blood loss and fluid buildup during recovery, factors that have been shown to contribute to undesirable scarring and capsular contracture. As a result, patients who have had surgery performed by Dr. Edelstein experience a lower rate of capsular contracture of just 1%, even when post-surgical massage exercises have not been recommended to patients. According to a Health Canada study, the industry average is 25%. Most surgeons quote a 5-10% capsular contracture rate.