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NeoGraft Hair Restoration Being Utilized to Help Women

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Being Utilized to Help WomenAt Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa in the Detroit area, NeoGraft is being used by Dr. Mark Berkowitz to not only help men, but women as well. NeoGraft is a type of FUE hair replacement therapy that creates healthy hair grafts by gently removing hair follicles one-by-one. This technique allows for faster recovery times, less scarring, and less pain.

A personal friend of Dr. Berkowitz, Sandra has been suffering with hair loss, and like many women, didn't know what she should do. After considering the advantages along with Dr. Berkowitz's personal testimony on NeoGraft, this professional cosmetologist decided to undergo the procedure.

Over the course of just one NeoGraft treatment, Sandra is already starting to see her hair fill in. Hair loss and thinning is a sensitive topic for women, but Dr. Berkowitz understands first hand the struggle that one can feel when dealing with these issues. A NeoGraft patient himself, Dr. Berkowitz is enjoying his new, fuller head of hair and now Sandra is, too.

Sandra wants to encourage any women suffering from hair issues to consider this new form of hair restoration because of the ease and painlessness of the procedure. Women like Sandra, with little personal time for a painful recovery, appreciate that the cutting-edge technology NeoGraft uses allowing for a low-stress alternative to hair restoration.