What does Mesotherapy Cost?

The cost of Mesotherapy sessions range from $200 - $600 per session for each area being treated. Thighs would be considered one area and the love handles would be another. The largest variance for price is primarily because of the size and/or complexity of the area being treated. The back or buttocks obviously is more area than say the chin or the arms and therefore more expensive. However, some areas, even though small in size are expensive because of their complexity, for example a Mesolift (a Mesotherapy Facelift) or Mesotherapy around the eyes involves more skill and precision than other body areas and therefore costs more.

Other pricing variables include the level of physician certification and clinical overhead. Obviously you should expect to pay more for treatment from a board certified plastic surgeon than you would from a nurse practitioner or an esthetician. If you are price conscious we recommend you talk to a couple clinics to determine where your comfort level is and what level of training and certification you expect.

The cost of Mesotherapy varies from clinic to clinic. Be sure you understand in advance what the terms are and the fees involved.

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