Chin augmentation or reduction may restore facial symmetry and aesthetic proportion

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Does your chin jut out a little too far or disappear in your neck? Chin surgery, also known in medical terms as mentoplasty, is surgery for enhancing or reducing the bone beneath the chin. It is fairly common for patients undergoing rhinoplasty to elect for mentoplasty at the same time in the interest of maintaining aesthetic facial proportions. Chin augmentation or reduction can dramatically improve the appearance of your profile and give your self-confidence a great boost.

By placing an implant or moving the bone forward to build up a receding chin, or by reducing a jutting or too prominent chin, greater facial harmony and an attractive, balanced profile can be achieved. Simple liposuction may be another method used to remove excess fat from the jawline area.

Chin augmentation involves a small incision either in the crease below the lower lip, under the jawline, or inside the mouth at the base of the lower gum line. This small area of tissue is then stretched to make room for a small synthetic implant with a feel similar to natural tissue. If the incision is outside the mouth, small sutures will be visible. When the incision is inside the mouth, of course there is no visible scarring.

Patients who suffer from what is known as a weak chin can benefit from chin reduction surgery. Chin reduction (also known as orthgnathic surgery) may involve an incision either below the chin or inside the mouth. With a chin reduction surgery, incisions are made either in the mouth or under the chin. The surgeon then sculpts the bone into a more aesthetic shape. This procedure can take up to three hours.

Following surgery, the area may be tender and swollen, but can easily be controlled with pain medication. Soft and liquid food is usually recommended for several days. Most patients return to normal activities after about a week.

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