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Cosmetic gum surgery can be done to reduce excess gum and bone. The removal of these tissues allows for normal sized teeth and for a normal gum line appearance by using an instrument, usually a laser, to remove the undesirable tissue.

The opposite problem is a recession of the gumline. As your gums recede, your teeth look much "longer" than normal. Such gum recession exposes your sensitive root surface which often makes hot or cold foods and drinks a painful experience. Teeth can become loose as your gum recedes.

The cosmetic gum surgery solution is basically when a dentist or periodontist removes tissue from the roof of your mouth and then grafts it onto your gum line. This tissue then reinforces thin gums or fills in areas where your gums have receded.

Typically your dentist will prescribe an antibacterial mouth rinse to be used twice a day for a two-week period following your surgery.

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