FotoFacial is a revolutionary breakthrough for people who suffer from damaged and discolored skin

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FotoFirm/FotoFacial RF is a comfortable and extremely effective breakthrough in skin care technology. There are a million ways to try and change the appearance of your skin. For turning back the clock on your skin's appearance, you can't find a better treatment than FotoFacial.

FotoFirm and FofoFacial RF, often seen on 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover is a safe and effective procedure powered by intense pulsed light and radiofrequency energy. With FotoFacial, physicians are now able to achieve amazing results for improving facial wrinkles, rosacea, dilated veins, unsightly leg veins, and aging skin.

FotoFacial, which is also known sometimes as intense pulsed light therapy, can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. It is typically used on the face, neck, and/or chest to treat facial erythema (redness) and flushing, and remedy damage caused by sun overexposure. FotoFacial can also help eliminate the redness and flushing of rosacea. Treatment only takes 15 to 30 minutes and isn't painful.

So what happens after FotoFacial? You will first see a gradual decrease in redness. The treated skin will feel softer and vary less in tone. Fine lines and wrinkles will also improve, along with fading of pigmentation and age spots and a reduction in pore size.

Rosacea sufferers will see a marked reduction in breakouts, and in some cases may be able to decrease or discontinue their medication. Results improve with each treatment and improve gradually over time. Most people require about 5 treatments. Those with more complicated conditions may need more.

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