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Silhouette InstaLift is a facelift alternative that utilizes a slowly dissolving suture to elevate the face. The effects of the treatment continue to improve over several months as collagen grows around the newly placed threads.

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Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

"We promote patient self-confidence by enhancing one's self image through education, and advanced medical technology in a caring, secure, supportive, and relaxing environment."
--Walter Tom, MD, FACS Medical Director

Aesthetic Laser and Vein Centers offers long-term cosmetic solutions for men and women. Initially specializing in the most innovative and technologically sound vein treatments, Dr. Tom expanded the services now offered to include laser hair removal as well as PhotoFacial treatments for rosacea, sun damaged skin, facial veins and skin texture.

Other non-surgical rejuvenation services include microdermabrasion, Restylane filler treatments and Botox therapy. Lumicell Touch a unique cellulite treatment consisting of sub dermal vacuum massage and L.E.D. light therapy is also offered to the patients of the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers. Only after careful investigation has Dr. Tom and his staff recommended skin product lines that truly produce results.

His exceptional staff prides themselves on the warm and caring manner they demonstrate when helping patients to achieve the best results possible. Each staff member has been carefully chosen and receives comprehensive in-depth training in or to achieve every aspect of ALVC's mission statement. They have been part of the North Bay community for over 3 decades. The staff is dedicated to giving personal attention to each patient and maintaining a discreet and relaxed environment.

Walter W. Tom, M.D. FACS

Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery Fellow of the American College of Surgeons Past Member of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons member of the American College of Phlebology.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Dr. Tom attended medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine and finished his General and Vascular Surgical Residency at William Beaumont Hospital and his Organ Transplant Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Dr. Walter Tom has always been a leader in introducing the latest technology to the North Bay. In 1986, he co-founded the Kidney Transplant program at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital as Chief Surgeon. In the early 1990's he helped to establish laparoscopic minimally invasive abdominal surgery as a mainstay in Sonoma County. Predated by the local medical community's lack of legitimate concern for those with vein disorders, in 1999 Dr. Tom's vision of a dedicated laser and vein center became reality when he created the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Center of the North Bay in Santa Rosa.

At the turn of the century in January 2000, Dr. Tom having trained under Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr. he introduced Photofacial intense pulsed light therapy to Sonoma County for treatment of facial aesthetic concerns. After extensive research of the emerging technologies Dr. Tom performed the first non-surgical endovenous laser vein ablation in 2003, which has now replaced surgical "vein stripping."

The Aesthetic Laser & Vein Center of Napa was opened in December 2004 to offer these new technologies outside of North Coast California. Now, utilizing sub dermal massage and light "LED" therapy researched by many investigators including NASA, Dr. Tom was the first to introduce the Lumicell Touch cellulite treatment to the North Bay.

Dr. Tom is proud to introduce the staff to the northern California Area. The Santa Rosa center has three RN laser nurse specialist Anita Stevens, Tammy Coleman, and Melanie Valesi. Patient coordinators include Jan Wilmore and Regina Kelly. Lori Fischer the newest addition to the Santa Rosa office is the aesthetic advisor. The Napa office co-founder and managing laser nurse specialist and director of education is Kathy Patten, RN. Recently two new RNs have joined the Napa team Ann Cardaman and Anne Stafford-Wade. Kerri Silva and Kristin Brock serve as the patient coordinators.

Dr. Tom is married with two teen-age children and enjoys hobbies such as music, photography, ice hockey and coaching youth sports.

Dr. Tom is extremely dedicated to providing quality medical care and education to the patients of the Santa Rosa, Napa and surrounding communities.