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Fraxel is the most popular brand fractional resurfacing procedure on the market - designed to treat sun damaged skin, age spots, melasma and more. There are several different variations, ie. re;fine, re:store, re:pair, re:store dual, etc. It is very important to discuss with your provider the various options, their treatment efficacy and how much downtime is involved.

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Sara Wasserbauer, MD

At the offices of Dr. Sara Wasserbauer, we offer a full range of laser treatments emphasizing the latest techniques and therapies with personalized service. Our Cutera Laser is what everyone is talking about - Titan skin tightening treatments, IPL photorejuvenation, and the fastest, most comfortable hair removal available anywhere.

Dr. Sara Wasserbauer completed her undergraduate studies with a B.A. in Classical Archeology and minors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology at the prestigious Dartmouth College. She then went on to earn her medical degree from the renowned Medical College of Ohio where she was designated Class Leader.

After finishing her training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Wasserbauer discovered she had a natural aptitude and eye for aesthetic surgery. Growing up in a family that experienced severe hair loss in both the men AND women, she found herself drawn to hair restoration and the dramatic change it could have on one's appearance

With the technological advancements in hair restoration surgery over the past 10 years she saw the potential of natural follicular unit hair restoration surgery to transform a person's outward appearance and inner self esteem. She states, "Hair loss can have debilitating effects on an individual's self image, impacting all facets of their lives from social to professional." Dr. Wasserbauer felt that with her surgical skills, training and natural empathy she could make a true difference in her patient's lives.

To fulfill her ambition and satisfy her drive for aesthetic perfection she proceeded to train with some of the world's leading hair restoration surgeons. She completed the only accredited fellowship in Hair Transplantation Surgery in the United States, working with a national team of Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeons to refine her craft and better understand the subtleties of the procedure and medical treatment options available.

She next studied under one of the most highly published hair restoration surgeons in the country and a leading pioneer of follicular unit hair restoration surgery, the accepted "Gold Standard" of hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Wasserbauer believes in a holistic approach to treating her patients. "I want to understand their cosmetic goals and create very customized treatment plans that will accomplish their objectives and fit their lifestyle. Today we have more treatment options available, both medical and surgical, to treat the hair loss patient than ever before. There is no reason to treat patients with a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach."