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Selphyl uses your own blood to create a filler often used on the face. The Selphyl system processes extracted blood and creates a Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). The PRFM is injected into wrinkles to fill them out and reduce their appearance. The doctor will usually overfill the area a bit because some of the platelets will be lost, but that excess is typically gone in about 24 hours. Patients enjoy their final result in a few weeks when the PRFM builds up.

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Kendrick Ng, MD

Dr Kendrick Ng is the founder of Doctor's Concept Anti Aging and Non Surgical Facelift Center since 2002. He is a Laser Surgeon and Aesthetic Medicine/Cosmetic Dermatology specialist who is considered an expert in his field and has been invited to teach his aesthetic skills internationally to other doctors throughout the world. He is also a medical school clinical professor who has devote his time to teach medical students about aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Dr Kendrick Ng has developed a special interest in Non Surgical Facelift and has undergone extensive training in numerous Non Surgical Facelift technologies throughout the years. He currently has more than 15 different types of state of the art non surgical facelift technologies available to his patients. Because of this reason, he is well known for his expertise in the field of facelift /skin tightening without scalpel and many Asian movie stars and celebrities have come to him to obtain a natural youthful look without the need of surgery.

Dr Kendrick Ng is trained and affiliated with: International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology International Society of Dermatology International Society of Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery American College of Cosmetic Physician American Society of Aesthetic Mesotherapy American Society of Liposuction Surgery International Union of Lipoplasty International Society of Cosmetogynecology