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No matter what your concern, a cosmetic surgeon will have a treatment for you. Seeking the help of a surgeon trained in aesthetics is a step toward finding a healthier and younger you.

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Alexander Rivkin, MD

Welcome to Westside Aesthetics, where trained cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin and his staff are dedicated to bringing the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area the most effective non surgical cosmetic solutions available.

Cosmetic procedures are becoming easier, less painful and less expensive daily. You may be surprised to learn that yesterday's traumatic cosmetic surgery is today's simple injection! We are committed to making your skin and overall appearance the absolute best it can be. So come experience our expanded, beautiful new location. You will love what we can do for you!

Alexander Rivkin M.D. is a Yale trained facial cosmetic surgeon and UCLA faculty member who has focused his practice exclusively on providing his patients with the latest in non-invasive, non-ablative cosmetic treatments in Southern California. He understands that no one relishes the thought of "going under the knife," and believes modern medical technology can provide today's patients with superior alternatives to invasive, painful surgery that requires a long recovery time. He has dedicated his career to developing these alternatives, creating exceptional cosmetic solutions that his patients can access without the fear which has so long been associated with cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Rivkin has made his name in developing non-surgical alternatives to commonly performed cosmetic procedures. He has been featured on the TODAY show, the Tyra Banks Show, EXTRA, Univision, PBS, KNBC-TV, KABC-TV and in numerous national publications for the innovative procedures he has invented. He was the first physician in the country to offer the Non-Surgical Nose Job, his signature method for non-invasive correction of cosmetic nasal irregularities.

Dr. Rivkin has pioneered the: Non-Surgical Nose Job (Injection rhinoplasty) Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement Non-Surgical Jowl Lift Non-Surgical Eye Lift Non-Surgical Facelift Dr. Rivkin Performs a 10 Minute Non Surgical Nose Job On the Tyra Banks Show

Dr. Rivkin believes that availability and approachability are critical. His patients know they can contact him anytime with any concerns they may have. He will personally answer all e-mail requests for advice, and is happy to chat with anyone without charging consultation fees. Contact us now - we are ready to meet you anytime.

It would be a pleasure to help you achieve your cosmetic goals!