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Everyone has issues with their skin they're not proud to show, might it be a mole here or a wrinkle there. However, for millions of men and women across the country, the desire to have better or even perfect skin is more of a personal goal than merely a wish. And for every person who hopes for such transformation, the ability to do so is right at their fingertips. Maybe you've heard of two popular and effective laser skin treatments that are available: Fraxel and Thermage. You've heard of the wonderful changes these treatments can make for the appearance and self-esteem of women and men alike.

What is ThermaFrax?

ThermaFrax is an amazing treatment that offers results equivalent to a facelift combined with a face peel, but without the negative associations of pain and annoyance of surgery. When you undergo the procedure you will receive a series of treatments spaced approximately two weeks apart. With ThermaFrax as your personal skin warrior, enter into the battle against discolored skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and slack skin. You'll come out victorious with nary a scar to show for your determination and strong will. An added benefit of ThermaFrax is that there is no scabbing that is commonly associated with traditional skin peels. You'll experience zero down time as well, which really stacks the odds against anyone ever wanting a usual facelift. You can be in, out and on your way to the next shop on your list, thus ThermaFrax fits into your lifestyle easily and effortlessly.

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Dr. John Serrão

Welcome to Aesthetic Clinique, a state-of-the-art aesthetic practice and a luxurious full-service spa. We are proud to provide the latest aesthetic breakthroughs in a caring and comfortable setting. Rest assured, all laser treatments, skin tightening procedures, and injectables are done only by Dr. Serrao to ensure your safety. This sets us apart and provides you with the best results.

Aesthetic Clinique is What a Medical Spa should be.

We invite you to invest in yourself and experience true results as you begin the journey of rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit!

You will be greeted by our friendly spa team who will ensure your complete satisfaction no matter what treatments you choose to experience. Every team member in our Clinique is a fully licensed and certified professional who meets Aesthetic Cliniques rigorous standards for training, experience, and excellence. Our team is truly dedicated to you!

Dr. Serrao has over twenty years of experience. He was voted one of Orlando's Top Doctors and received recognition as one of the Best Doctors in America. Dr. Serrao is a physician who truly cares about you!

After having practiced OB/GYN as a Board Certified Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology for over twenty years; Dr. Serrao began to feel the need to pursue his second passion of aesthetics and anti-aging medicine in order to meet the needs of today's total woman. Along with his wife, Larissa Serrao a registered nurse, they opened the expansion of the practice, Aesthetic Clinique, in 1999. The new modalities of the modern medical spa are the perfect fit for the medical and surgical skill of the knowledgeable OB/GYN physician. His previous training and expertise with intra-abdominal lasers, laparoscopic surgery, and precise injection techniques, assisted him in the transition into aesthetic medicine, along with countless hours of continuing medical education.

Dr. Serrao has done several preceptorships with world renowned physicians in the field of aesthetics at Harvard University, John Hopkins School of Medicine, and Duke University. He received his medical degree form the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Serrao is presently conducting a stretch mark clinical study in conjunction with SilkPeel Dermal Infusion.

All Botox Cosmetic Injections, Facial Fillers, Skin Tightening procedures, Meso-Lipotherapy treatments, IPL and Laser treatments are done only by Dr. Serrao to ensure your safety. He listens to your needs, creates realistic solutions, and has a unique ability to make you comfortable with his friendly demeanor. His reputation for excellence in the field of obstetrics and gynecology can be expected in his aesthetic practice as well. He welcomes not only his existing patients, but men and women of the community, to experience true results at Aesthetic Clinique.

Membership of the following organizations: American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologist American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine American Society of Photodynamic Therapy International Society of Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons International Meso-Lipotherapy Society Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics& Gynecology

Top 10 Reasons Patients Choose Our Centre Dr. Serrao's reputation for excellence! He has been practicing in Orlando for almost 20 years! Dr. Serrao and Larissa Serrao, R.N. oversee every detail of your visit giving each individual patient the time they need and deserve. All injectables, skin tightening treatments, and laser procedures are done only by Dr. Serrao and are assisted by an R.N. to ensure your safety. They are very trustworthy, caring, and honest. These attributes will be exhibited in your complimentary consultation and in every detail of your visits to follow. They always ensure patient satisfaction. They want you to be happy with your services, delivering the greatest results...at the greatest value! Prices are competitive and there is a wide variety of services to choose from. They offer everything that you need to look beautiful and feel beautiful! They achieve results using the latest, proven state-of-the-art equipment and medical grade products that can turn back the hands of time! Luxurious environment to soothe and comfort your spirit - "The most beautiful Clinique in Orlando!" Everyone knows your name - A very friendly, highly experienced and professional Clinique team that is proud of their quality person-to-person service! Private with a convenient location, adequate parking, and easy to find.

Financing Available: CareCredit

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