Abid Husain, MD

Abid Husain, MD

Silk MediSpa

7621 W 88th Ave
Arvada, CO 80005


Having come from a family of physicians, Dr. Husain has a deep appreciation for the practice of medicine. In his youth, art was his primary pursuit, until he took an anatomy class, sparking his love for medicine.

After decades of studying, Dr Husain’s excitement lead him to complete fellowship training in Cardiology. He headed a successful private practice in cardiology but became unsatisfied with the environment of and the tools available to conventional medical practitioners. Seeking more balance in his life, he opted to take a sabbatical from medicine and pursue his love of the arts and fitness, while continuing to search for a mechanism to practice medicine outside of the limitations of an insurance-based system.

His answer was found in integrative and anti-aging medicine, the solution that puts patient health, not sickness, at the center of treatment. The lessons learned through integrative and regenerative medicine have reinvigorated Dr Husain’s passion for medicine by aligning with his personal philosophies about the health benefits of living a thriving and balanced life. Today, he follows dual passions in medicine and the arts.