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About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a long term non-surgical option to removing unwanted hair. Lasers strategically destroy hair that contains melanin in the follicle, leaving surrounding skin unharmed and prevents future hair growth. At this time, laser hair removal only works on brown or black hair, which have the most melanin and responds best to the treatment. A variety of Laser Hair Removal devices are available using the following types of lasers: Nd-YAG, Pulsed Diode, and Alexandrite. New technology has allowed patients with darker skin to undergo effective Laser Hair Removal whereas previously, patients with light skin and dark hair were considered ideal patient. Treatment should be customized per patient and a series of treatments may be necessary to achieve best results.

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William Greenberg, MD

A truly unique experience awaits you at Skin Thera P medical cosmetic spa, where spa treatments and medical procedures are combined in a relaxing environment to optimize the appearance of the skin and to promote a feeling of well-being.

Our anti-aging comprehensive beauty center focuses on how to revitalize your skin, correct damage from the sun or chronological aging, restore collagen, and maintain a healthy-looking glow. We pride ourselves as being one of the only medical spas in NYC that has a doctor on staff everyday to perform or oversee all treatments.

Forget about boring beige spa cliches, Skin Thera P's chic colorful futuristic setting radiates energy. From downtown divas to uptown executives, Skin Thera P is revolutionizing skincare and changing the way to take care of your skin.

Don't wait long hours in a doctors office, when you could enjoy yourself and relax in our Manhattan utopia. So be in "the Know" and have amazing results in minimum time. Transform your skin, relax your body, and give your self some Thera P! Celebrities are not the only ones who can have beautiful skin.

Whether your skin has sun-damage, freckles, wrinkles, acne, tired, and or just stressed-out, Skin Thera P has the solution for you. All skin treatments are performed with medical grade cosmeceuticals that penetrate below the skins surface to stimulate collagen, increase cellular turnover, to help reinvent your skin. These products strength and quality cannot be found in a day spa, they require medical supervision. Our on-site medical director, William Greenberg M.D., is here 6 days a week to consult with clients on what treatment is right for you. All consultations are complimentary, and come with a full skin analysis. Dr. William Greenberg is renowned for facial cosmetic injections such as botox, restylane, and radiesse, which can take years off your face in minutes. Medical supervision is not a luxury, but a necessity for safety and efficacy.

Don't put your face or body in the wrong hands. At Skin Thera P we pride our selves on results, state of the art technology, and an exceptional customer experience.

William Greenberg M.D. is the founder and medical director of Skin Thera PTM Medical Cosmetic Spa. Dr. Greenberg plays an integral role in making Skin Thera PTM an innovative and unique destination for those seeking the best in medically supervised skincare, providing 18+ years of medical experience and his expertise in assessing and implementing new technologies to improve the practice of medicine.

Dr Greenberg has been featured in Time Out New York, Channel 11 news, New York Magazine, Manhattan Bride and so many more. He offers all clients a complimentary consultation to decide what treatments are right for you.

Dr. Greenberg envisioned a spa enhanced by the benefits of combining medicine and science. After hearing horror stories about patients being burned and scared due to unsafe treatments, he realized the necessity of having complete supervised services. He recognized this dream by opening Skin Thera PTM located on 301 E. 81st, where luxury treatments meet technology and science in a comfortable and medically driven setting.

Dr. Greenberg graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University in 1983 and then attended New York Medical College where he earned a medical degree in 1987. Dr. Greenberg received postgraduate training at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.