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The Polaris WR improves skin tone and texture and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. The dual energy source of Polaris WR allows synergistic transfer of thermal energy to the dermal layer (collagen-containing layer) of the skin.

Patients must continue to keep realistic expectations. Non-ablative lasers such as the Polaris do not provide the same benefits as ablative laser resurfacing procedures using carbon dioxide and erbium lasers.

Patients should expect modest improvements in wrinkle reduction and skin laxity and speak with a qualified doctor regarding their treatment regimen and expectations.

"The results obtained with the Polaris WR demonstrate significant reduction in the signs of aging. Improvement of the wrinkles in these cases is dramatic, and from my experience is equivalent to laser resurfacing." -Michael Kulick M.D., Plastic Surgeon, San Francisco, CA

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