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About Featherlift

A type of Contour Thread Lift, The FeatherLift® tightens moderately sagging skin in the face and neck without surgery. The FeatherLift uses barbed threads known as Aptos Threads, which are placed under the skin: around the eyes, neck, lip, or brow. Facial and neck tissue are pulled into place and over time, collagen forms around the barbed threads and skin contracts. Minimally invasive, FeatherLift results are often compared to Mini Facelift results.

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Dr. Christine Petti

At Aesthetic Accents Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in Torrance, we are known throughout Los Angeles and beyond for medical and surgical excellence, delivered with a woman's touch.

Our surgical team is devoted to accentuating your beauty and well being "beyond the obvious." Beyond the obvious means we understand the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery requires careful consideration. After all, you will be looking at your surgeon´┐Żs work for the rest of your life.

Beyond the obvious also means that when you choose a plastic surgeon, you are also choosing the staff. Dr. Petti's staff of highly trained professionals works as a team to assist you in making educated choices regarding your appearance, health, safety and well-being.

Our Medical Director, Christine A. Petti, M.D., F.A.C.S., is committed to remaining on the leading edge of aesthetic surgery. Through her dedication to continuing education and offering only the most advanced procedures and state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Petti provides premium aesthetic results in all areas of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Petti is a surgeon who is well known in the local and national medical communities. She has won local awards for Top Cosmetic Surgeon and national awards such as Top Doctor and Top Surgeon. Dr. Petti has also been featured on national and cable television.

Dr. Petti has achieved the annual honor of being named the #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in The South Bay by the Daily Breeze of Los Angeles Readers Poll since 2004.