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Cellulite is a nagging problem for many women, even those who work hard to keep fit. The reason is that cellulite is not a fat problem - it's a skin problem. Cellulite is made up of fat cells that reside within the skin. They can't be burned as fuel, so dieting and exercise won't eliminate them. Enlarged fat cells push the skin up and compress the circulatory system, reducing inflow of nutrients and outflow of waste products. Diminished exchanges in circulation lead to a gradual stiffening of the connective tissue, pulling down on the skin. The push/pull effect creates the appearance of cellulite. The mechanical action of AWT:

  • Disrupts the connective tissue to firm and smooth the skin
  • Causes neo-vascularization, improving circulatory exchanges (the root cause of the problem.)
  • Initiates an inflammatory process in the skin, leading to thicker, more elastic skin through collagen production. The elasticity of the connective tissue is restored and the skin is smoother. The skin is thicker and more elastic with noticeable improvement to the skin's texture.

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