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Completely non-invasive, Endermologie relies on a combination of roller massage therapy and gentle suction to stimulate underlying fatty tissues and slowly reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture. During the treatment, the hand-held device gently lifts and rolls skin to stimulate the venous and lymphatic systems and subsequently eliminate toxins. Mechano-stimulation sends a signal into the dermis, locating fibroplast cells that produce collagen and elastin. A series of treatments are recommended for the best results.

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J. Michael Leary, MD, Inc.

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Dr. J. Michael Leary MD

Dr. Michael Leary received his medical training at Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara. He did surgical training at Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and received a staff appointment at University of Virginia in 1989. Dr. Leary is board certified in emergency medicine & had a full time emergency medical practice at Eisenhower Medical Center from 1990-2003. After that time, he co-founded California Vein Specialists with Dr. Jesser in 2001. He has received extensive postgraduate training and certification in phlebology, laser and intense pulse light photorejuvenation, and cosmetic injectables.