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The Titan is a non-ablative laser that does deep thermal heating in the dermis to treat lax and redundant skin on the face and body. Completely non-invasive, the Titan laser tightens skin by stimulating long-term collagen growth, with enhanced results with maintenance treatments over time. The Titan laser may be used on other body areas such as abdomen, arms, upper chest, and thighs for skin tightening. Most patients notice immediate changes which gradually improve over several weeks. Since the procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is little to no downtime associated with the procedure.

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Dr. Robert Ruiz

Derma Health Institute of Chandler and Mesa is a physician-based medical center and a leader in the field of aesthetic technology. We specialize in non-invasive and minimally invasive laser and aesthetic treatments.

The advances in the effectiveness, safety, comfort and speed in laser technology in just the last few years has been tremendous. Our clinics possess the best FDA-approved technologies for every procedure we perform. Our medical and aesthetic staff is unsurpassed.

We care deeply about, and take great pride in providing dramatic improvement to your skin in a safe and effective manner and without lifestyle interruption. We have an unparalleled safety record and have serviced over 10,000 clients.

The excellent results and advanced technology of Derma Health Institute have gained the attention of all the major news networks.

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Derma Health Institute is where “friends refer friends” and a big reasons we have seen over 7,000 clients. That means experience. We had an independent survey done of our existing clientele and asked for the Top Three reasons those clients continue to come back. Here is what the clients said:

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We know you have a choice and we encourage you to do your research. We don’t use just one laser for ten different procedures. We invest in the best technology for each concern and invest in the best staff. We hope you will contact us before you make your decision. There is a difference!

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