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With the introduction of the Alma LipoLife 1470nm diode device for laser-assisted lipolysis in 2015, Alma paved the way for its surgical expansion.  Lipolife brings cutting-edge liposuction technology to an entirely new level for fat removal with minimal bleeding and bruising, less physician exertion and shorter patient recovery time. The simultaneous lasing and suction capability uses a unique patented technology to allow for a wider and more even distribution.

"The control and precision I have with the Lipolife laser is unparalleled.  I am seeing better results and faster healing compared to traditional systems," said Dr. Jay Calvert MD FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CA.

For industry professionals, the well-known LipoLife brand and the NEW Lipoflow system gives providers a system to maximize results and expand their offering. Autologous fat transfer for soft tissue contouring has become increasingly popular in recent years. The immediate availability of the patient's own fat and its natural integration into host tissues makes it a highly instrumental application.

 "LipoFlow allows us to obtain high quality, viable fat cells quickly and easily for immediate re-implantation. Its seamless integration with liposuction procedures makes it a convenient and highly effective solution for successful total body contouring," said Dr. Jay Calvert.

"By adding LipoFlow to our product portfolio, Alma is committed to continue its expansion into the surgical market," says Avi Farbstein, CEO of Alma Lasers North America. "With an average fat vitality of 95.7%, Alma has changed the industry standard making this system one of the most in-demand solutions for aesthetic professionals today.  This multi-modality system delivers the flexibility and responsiveness physicians need for liposuction, fat harvesting, fat transfer, and fat re-implantation."

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