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Syneron's ReFirme Now FDA Approved For Skin Tightening


Syneron Medical announced in March 2006 that FDA has granted clearance for Syneron's new ST applicator for non-invasive wrinkle treatment. This ST applicator is the device used in the ReFirme procedure, which offers a non-surgical and much less painful alternative for patients wanting to achieve skin tightening and improvement in skin laxity through wrinkle reduction on the neck, face, and other areas of the body.

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    Another advantage of ReFirme is that with a pulse repetition rate of one pulse per second, and using Syneron's elos technology, the ReFirme treatment with the ST applicator is by far the fastest and most effective on the market for the purpose of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

    According to Robert Sleightholm, MD, a plastic surgeon at Brampton Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic in Ontario, "A universal complaint among patients receiving traditional skin tightening treatments was the level of discomfort during the procedure."

    "Because of the lower level of energies needed to power ReFirme, patients are able to achieve the skin tightening and wrinkle improvement they desire without the risks or pain historically associated with treatments, even on the forehead or on a bony prominence. Patients I have treated using the ReFirme procedure also have smoother, plumper skin and see results more quickly than other skin tightening treatments I have used."

    The ST applicator expands further the broad range of functions of Syneron's recently launched eLight and eMax platforms. The eLight is Syneron's new complete el's facial treatment system. In addition to now treating wrinkles using the ST applicator, the eLight can also further rejuvenate skin by treating a patient for vascular and pigmented lesions, and acne conditions with additional applicators. The eMax is the complete elos workstation, covering all of the capabilities of the eLight as well as providing high-speed, laser-based hair removal and treatment for leg veins.

    "With eLight, physicians will be able to treat vascular, pigmented, laxity and texture problems with one system. The new ST applicator, cleared by the FDA this week, will enable doctors to offer their patients a faster wrinkle reduction treatment with less discomfort than any other product on the market," said Dominic Serafino, Syneron's American President. "Our new eMax system will also incorporate the new ST applicator and will provide our customers with a complete face and body solution to improve any patient's appearance."