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TV's Entertainment Tonight Features Dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald in "Should She or Shouldn't She Go Under the Knife?" News Segment


There are plenty of options for those who aren't that keen on surgery. Fillers mimic youthful lips, straighten noses and pick up the sag from lost facial volume. Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald shares some of the simple and effective ways of "trying on" a new look without a permanent commitment.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 8, 2008 -- Want to find out how to look better with the latest Dermatology Technology? One of LA's top dermatologists, Rebecca Fitzgerald, is featured on Entertainment Tonight's segment "Should She ...or Shouldn't She Go Under the Knife?"

Plastic surgeons these days are having to deal with competition that comes in a syringe. Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, a Board Certified Dermatologist in Los Angeles, Ca, recently appeared for a second feature on Hollywood's Entertainment Tonight (http://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com/media.php) segment titled "Should She or Shouldn't She Go Under the Knife?"

As an international trainer for pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis, Dr. Fitzgerald is in the enviable position of having prolonged experience with what many dermatologists are beginning to refer to as the "injectable facelift". Performed with a unique product called Sculptra, the injectable facelift does what traditional plastic surgery can't do -- and that's "lift" the skin without a scalpel.

Sculptra works by stimulating your natural collagen growth deep within the skin to restore volume. Much of aging is a result of volume loss -- traditionally treated by way of surgical facelifts, fat grafts and implants. Sculptra doesn't require surgery of any kind, nor collection of fat (a surgical process all its own) nor does it require incisions to place a preformed implant.

Simple injection sessions, usually 2 or 3 times, place microscopic particles of a substance called poly-l-lactic-acid into the deep dermal layer of the skin. The particles, made from the exact same material as absorbable sutures, create a collagen-building response in the skin. New collagen forms, the injected particles dissolve and disappear and the younger looking face is yours -- not one altered with an implant or temporarily filled with filler. And there was no surgery.

Collagen building within the skin takes time, so end results come some months following the injections. Dr. Fitzgerald explains, "You get a nice preview for a few days of how you will look later because of the carrier solution injected with the Sculptra (http://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com/sculptra.php). That goes away in a few days and then you might think you wasted your money. But what happens is that you're putting down a new layer of collagen that slowly builds up on its own. Each treatment adds a new layer. It's an incredible product that you can place very strategically to get the effects you want. Bottom line? It restores the 3-D contours and volume you lose as you age."

Dr. Fitzgerald brings many options to the table. "There are a lot of very affordable things you can do to look better. Lasers literally tighten skin with heat and take away spider veins. A tiny bit of Radiesse or Juvederm lets you try on a new nose or smooth out a bump or hump. The possibilities are almost endless."

What about lips? Dr. Fitzgerald is very particular about creating precisely sculpted natural-looking lips. She incorporates the entire area when addressing lip augmentation. "Those little philtral columns under your nose to the top of your lip are really important," Dr. Fitzgerald notes. "Putting a tiny bit of volume in those little ridges lifts the lip border and adds sex-appeal by accentuating the Cupid's bow."

A lot of people wanting lip augmentation don't take into consideration the mouth "corners." They can start to turn down as you age, drawing your eye downward and giving your face a sad or tired look. Buttressing those corners with hyaluronic filler brings them right back up. The lips themselves are a major focal point. With a few exceptions, huge lips aren't all that attractive. If they're too big they throw off the entire balance of the face."

Most people, she says, don't want to look different, they just want to look a little better.

Featured on KTLA and twice on Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Fitzgerald has the notoriety of not only being a media favorite, but also a recognized injection specialist. She is an appointed training physician for other injectable products from Allergan, makers of Botox and Juvederm and Bioform Medical, makers of Radiesse. She is a peer-reviewed author for publications on the subject of dermal injectable products and develops training films for physicians in the correct and effective use of dermal injectables.

Dr. Fitzgerald frequently travels around the country and internationally to train other dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the use of Sculptra and Radiesse (http://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com/radiesse.php).

Plastic surgery is not a requirement any longer to restore a more youthful appearance or to even enhance a still young face. Injectables and lasers do a phenomenal job of simply and affordably accomplishing the same objectives.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald maintains a private practice in Larchmont Village adjacent to Hancock Park in Los Angeles. A New Orleans native, she is an associate professor for the Department of Dermatology at UCLA. Her practice website is RebeccaFitzgeraldMD.com (http://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com). The office is located at 321 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. Information and appointment phone is 323-464-8046