Don't Shop for an Aesthetic Procedure -- Buy a Result!


If the doctor can't show you dozens of photos of patients receiving the same procedure, go somewhere else!

Everyone has their "ah ha" moment when they realize it's time to get some work done.  For me it was getting measured for a tuxedo for my son's wedding and the shirt they sent me a few days later fit like a circus tent.  Apparently, shirts are measured by neck and sleeve length and I gained weight disproportionately in my neck.  
My insecurities are flabbergasted by hundreds of wedding photos of me and my fat neck.  I needed to do something ASAP!
Lunchtime Neck Lift Result of Dr. Thomas Barnes
Even though I know hundreds of doctors, I wanted to buy a result, not experiment with some new device or treatment.  Many patients waste time and money on procedures that do little or nothing -- shop for results!
I flew to Newport Beach California and had Dr. Thomas Barnes perform  the Lunchtime Neck Lift on me.  I chose Dr. Barnes because he specializes with this procedure, has performed hundreds if not thousands of them over the decade that I've known him and has consistent and permanent results.  
Dr. Barnes has performed his Lunchtime Neck Lift live on the Doctors TV show, the Today Show and Good Day LA.
As you can see in my before & after photo, I had my double chin and fat neck reduced, dramatically, in about 20 minutes.  The after photo was taken the same day.  
I had some bruising that hid below my shirt collar for a few days and the swelling was completely gone in about a week.  I was immediately able to see my jawbone again for the first time in about 5 years.
Some very important facts that I've learned include:
  • Buy a result, not an experience or a device
  • Go on multiple consultations, preferably where the doctor or provider will actually see you and not just the patient coordinator
  • If the doctor can't show you dozens of photos of patients receiving the same procedure, go somewhere else
  • If a doctor tells you that you are not a candidate for a specific procedure and turns you away, believe them!
Dr. Thomas Barnes' "The Lunchtime Neck Lift" truly worked for me.  It was quick and painless -- the worst pain I experienced was a few jabs of a needle to inject local anesthesia, and I almost cry at the dentist!
Do not shop for a doctor that has SmartLipo and assume they can do a great 20 minute awake neck lift.  Go to a surgeon who does hundreds of cases a year, can show you the photos and will deliver a result NOT a product!  
Although its termed the "Lunchtime Neck Lift", the entire process was closer to an hour & a half, you have to wait a little while for the lidocaine to numb you up.  The actual procedure was about 20 minutes.