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Beauty Tech Review: TempSure Envi


The TempSure Envi provides guaranteed treatment temperatures for the desired length of time, resulting in consistent outcomes.

There are many skin tightening devices on the market utilizing different energy sources to "heat and remodel the skin's collagen".  The skin contracts over time as new collagen is created to replace the collagen damaged by the heat.  The most popular energy source for heating skin is radiofrequency (RF), used in devices like Exilis, Thermage, ThermiTight & Pelleve.

Many studies have been released stating that there are optimal times & temperatures for heating skin to induce skin tightening.  All of the available devices on the market  can heat the skin to those temperatures, but not all of them are operator independent.  On some devices, the results are only as good as the practioner.  This is the challange that the engineers at Cynosure took on in creating theTempSure Envi.

Dr. Barry DiBernardo, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey, explains, "There is a magic temperature for skin tightening that every device is trying to achieve and that is 42C for the skin surface or 47C for under the skin. Lower temps result in unimpressive outcomes and higher temps risk burns. The TempSure Envi has plenty of horsepower, 300 watts, to quickly reach the desired temperature and accurate temp sensors built in so that the device maintains 42C for the entire desired treatment time."

Dr. Raminder Saluja, medical director of Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center  in Huntersville, North Carolina told AHB, "This is a delegateable procedure!  The TempSure Envi gets you to temperature and maintains temperature resulting in more consistent clinical outcomes. Because most other devices rely on external temperature monitoring, the provider is often under-heating the treatment area out of fear of causing a burn. The TempSure Envi not only has ample wattage to quickly get to the proper temperature, it has the ability to maintain the desired temperature for the entire recommended treatment time."

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a plastic surgeon in Toronto Canada, summarized it, "42 degrees is 42 degrees, the skin doesn't care what brand of device you are using! The TempSure Envi guarantees that you hit 42 degrees for the necessary 5 minutes delivering a consistant result."

Tempsure Results around Eyes


Before & After TempSure Jawline

Photos courtesy cynosure.com

The procedure typically requires four treatments spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Unlike fillers or BOTOX the results are permanent, although natural aging will continue to occur requiring annual maintenance.

Treatment time depends on the size of the area, but the most common areas range from 20 to 60 minutes each.