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miraSmooth: Permanent Reduction of Underarm Hair of All Colors


Like a microwave for reducing under arm hair and sweat glands

The FDA has approved miraSmooth for the treatment of underarm hair and permanent reduction of underarm hair of all colors.

SHORT Underarm hair removal
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"We are very excited about the recent FDA approval of the miraDry system for hair removal. Our practice already uses the miraDry system to treat patients for elimination of underarm sweat, but now we can use this same system for hair removal as well," added Dr. Jed Horowitz, Co-Director of the BioSpa and Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, "With miraSmooth's ability to effectively remove any underarm hair color, we can offer the treatment to patients who were not candidates for traditional laser hair removal."

"It appears the utilization of microwave energy has a definite future in the aesthetic industry. We are excited to see what new advances are made in the coming years," mentions BioSpa Co-Director Dr. Larry Nichter.

"Based on the results we've seen using miraWave it's clear that microwave energy has a role to play in the long term hair reduction space," said Dr. Jeremy Brauer, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. "Using this technology we've seen stable axillary hair reduction of approximately 70% regardless of color, and these results were based on a non-optimized treatment protocol. It will be exciting to see the increase in results given the protocol improvements we've made since then."