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Laser Acne Treatments Making a Comeback


Active Ance and treating Acne Scars used to be something only CO2 could remove... now there are several options on the market.

Laser acne treatments have recently experienced a surge in popularity among patients scarred by severe acne. Early versions of laser acne treatment used ablative lasers to sculpt the affected skin area. Though effective, ablative lasers required a long downtime and sometimes produced complications. As more innovative acne treatments have been developed, the use of the original ablative laser treatments have declined.

Collagen promoting acne treatment techniques are replacing the older ablative methods. These new techniques do not damage the skin's surface and work with the connective tissue beneath acne scars. Three of these new pioneering treatments are: Smoothbeam Laser, Vbeam Laser and Fraxel Laser.

The Smoothbeam Laser treatment is a relative painless and quick procedure. A local anesthetic agent is applied to the scarred area. Next, the skin is sprayed with cooling cryogen, immediately followed by a laser pulse. Patients experience only minimal redness for a few hours following the procedure.

The Vbeam Laser, used in conjunction with Starlux, Ellipse and Medilux Intense Pulsed Light Systems (IPLs) is a laser acne treatment ideal for treating red acne scars. These systems target the blood vessels within the acne scars. Sharp, focused energy beams yield less pronounced scars. The Vbeam Laser system effectively treats a variety of acne scars: flat, raised, and depressed. Patients often prefer these treatments because of their painless applications and short downtimes following the procedure.

The Fraxel Laser is a groundbreaking technique in laser acne scar treatment. It is the world's first non-ablative, non-CO2 resurfacing laser. The Fraxel laser works by forming many miniscule deep columns (micro-thermal zones) in the skin. This rids the epidermis of old pigmented cells while also penetrating deeper into the dermis layer, removing imperfections like acne scars. The Fraxel laser precisely targets the dead, protective layer of the skin without damaging it. Fraxel Laser Treatment does not affect any surrounding tissues, only scars.