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Two SNL Stars Win Title of Most Coveted Noses of Chicagoland


In a new Chicago survey it was revealed that Amy Poehler has the most coveted nose followed by Tina Fey as a close #2.

The Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) surveyed 100 Chicago residents and found that 25% of Chicago residents believe that the comedian and actress, Amy Poehler has the ideal Chicago nose, followed by her BFF and partner-in-crime Tina Fey at 22%. First Lady and Chicagoan Michelle Obama takes the No. 3 spot with 20% of the vote.

The perfect nose
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The new survey also showed that overall, Jenny McCarthy has the most admired nose at 35% followed closely by actress Sophia Bush at 29% and Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson at 27%.

In the male category, 44% percent of the men surveyed admired Fallout Boy's Pete Wentz's nose over other high profile Chicagoans like Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder with 37%, Common with 13% and Kanye West at 7%.

"Our nose is one of the first things people see when they look at us and is very important to overall facial balance," says facial cosmetic surgeon Stephen S. Park, MD, President of the AAFPRS. "Men are most often seeking hump reduction, while women tend to request tip refinement. A rounded, slightly up-turned tip and minimal nostril flare are considered highly sought after features for an ultra feminine nose."

"Often each city has its own unique taste when it comes to aesthetics procedures just as they do for other things such as food or fashion," adds Dr. Park. So, what's popular on the west coast may not be in same of the east coast or the Midwest.

"Although Tina Fey's button nose looks perfect on her, it may not fit in with your facial features," says Dr. Park. "Always bring in photos of noses you admire, but listen to your facial plastic surgeon about the right type of nose reshaping surgery for you."

Five years in a row, Rhinoplasty remains the most requested surgical procedure for both men and women, according to the AAFPRS. Despite this fact, Chicagoans are surprisingly satisfied with their noses. The survey says that 79% percent of residents would not consider rhinoplasty.

Chicago will host facial plastic surgeons from around the world at the Advances in Rhinoplasty 2015 Conference, May 14-17 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers.

On May 14th at 5 pm an exceptional panel "SELFIES & Surgery: The Influence of the Digital World on Rhinoplasty" takes place. The panel is moderated by Chicago Sun-Times SPLASH Publisher and Editor Susanna Negovan, and includes dynamic panelists like psychologist Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D., Chicago beauty expert Nicole Pearl AKA, The Beauty Girl, and facial plastic surgeons Dr. David Kim and Dr. Steve Dayan. The panel will explore the impact social media has on self-esteem and self-image and the common motivators for rhinoplasty and plastic surgery, both healthy and unhealthy.