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Review of Silk'N FaceFX Seen on The Doctors


Can a $300 at-home DIY resurfacing device work as well as a MedSpa procedure?

The Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Heat & Light Therapy has been around for a couple of years now and remains very popular. The question is: Can I avoid an expensive trip to a Medical Spa by buying this at-home device or do I need professional fractional resurfacing? The answer to this depends on the amount of skin damage and discoloration. Obviously an at-home device will not allow you to treat to the temperatures (and therefore achieve the results) that a medical device can.

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Fortunately we were given a Silk'n FaceFX to review and were able to put it through some tests. I am the editor of American Health and Beauty, I am in my late 40's and spend too much time in the sun with unprotected skin. After a few weeks of using the Silk'n FaceFX I noticed a large reduction of laugh lines and crow's feet which were my biggest complaints.

Although the results were great (especially for the price), they don't compare with the results I've had in the past from BOTOX injections or medical grade skin tightening devices. However, I avoid going to the doctors office and prefer to try and fix things myself first!

The device doesn't hurt and I never felt uncomfortable or like I was being burned. Prior to using the device I read several reviews online and many of the complaints were about mechanical issues (doesn't hold a charge being the biggest complaint) and not about the products performance.

According to a Silk'n FaceFX Promo Spot, after just eight weeks of using Silk'n FaceFX users reported:
  • 91% improvement in skin texture
  • 69% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 47% fading of skin patches
  • 78% reduction of pore size

Overall, I'd recommend this device for anyone looking for moderate skin rejuvenation and and is not expecting "MedSpa" results.

By: Keith Veseleny