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Chin Implant Satisfaction Increased with Additional Consultative Steps


Robert H. Burke, MD, DDS, FACS adds unique steps in chin augmentation consultation to increase patient understanding and satisfaction.

Ann Arbor -- Dr. Robert H. Burke, a maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeon, director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, adds two unique steps in pre-surgical planning for chin augmentation. The evaluation starts with specialized x-rays (known as a lateral cephalograms) to show chin position in relation to the other facial bones and soft tissues. These x-rays are analyzed using specific orthodontic measurements to help determine ideal chin positioning for the achievement of optimum facial proportions. Following this, digital images are compared and proposed changes made. "Although the consultation takes slightly longer, patient satisfaction is increased since patients are able to actually see how recommendations are reached", says Dr.Burke. "Patients have expressed high satisfaction with the process and the subsequent results. They tell me that they appreciate that their input is taken into consideration in planning and subsequent surgery."

Dr. Burke Chin Augmentation
Before and After Chin Implant Results by Dr. Robert Burke

"With this combination of digital soft tissue imaging and actual bony measurements, results, often measured in fractions of a millimeter are more accurate."

According to Dr. Burke, "These additional steps also help in selection of the best procedure to achieve optimal results. These vary from procedures which actually move the bone to those involving insertion of a bio-compatible chin implant."

"Also, this process tells us if additional soft tissue modification should be considered to achieve the best results."

Dr. Burke is the director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery. He serves as an Adjunct Clinical Professor in the department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Michigan and a Clinical Professor at Michigan State University. He is a Trustee of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a Trustee of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. His center is committed to safe and effective invasive, minimally invasive, and noninvasive cosmetic surgical procedures.

Source: Dr. Robert Burke