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Faster Tattoo Removal in Fewer Sessions?


New laser system, the PicoSure, can help erase your unsightly tattoo in half the time of traditional removal treatments.

The PicoSure laser delivers short bursts of energy to the skin and rapidly clears almost all tattoos, especially blue and green colors which have been difficult to remove by other lasers.

woman with body tattoo
The new PicoSure laser system is the first commercially available tattoo laser available which utilizes picosecond technology. Unlike other tattoo removal lasers, the PicoSure system delivers very fast pulses of energy to targeted areas of the skin many times quicker than the current nanosecond technology tattoo removal lasers.

According to Cynosure's website, PicoSure's ultra-short pulse duration goes beyond photothermal action creating an intense photomechanical impact resulting in greater disruption of the target for better clearance with fewer treatments, less fluence and without injury to the surrounding skin. Even dark, stubborn blue and green inks, as well as previously-treated, recalcitrant tattoos can be removed.

On today's episode of The Doctors, Dr. Alex Kaplan explains that the PicoSure laser is groundbreaking. "It's revolutionary," he says, adding, "It compresses that laser energy into the picosecond range ... nanosecond was the old technology, picosecond is a hundred times faster and just smashes [that] tattoo ink into dust."
Before and After Photos of Tattoo Removal with PicoSure
PicoSure Results Photos Courtesy of Cynosure
A little redness and swelling is normal immediately after, per The Doctors but some aftercare cream can be applied to relieve some of that. The patient on the show will only require 2 to 3 more treatments.

The device is cleared by the FDA for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal.