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Belotero in lieu of BOTOX for Forehead Creases?


BOTOX has been the gold standard for treating lines and creases for over a decade, but some doctors are exploring alternatives

Are you considering Botox or other neurotoxins but are afraid of "Frozen Face"?

Before and After from The Doctors
Dr. Howard Liu's Before and After Photo of Belotero Patient
Courtesy of thedoctorstv.com
Today on The Doctors, Dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu explains that some facial rejuvenations can look unnatural when the upper face is too frozen, and the lower face is out of proportion with too much filling. He says there's also the risk of a blue discoloration when some fillers are injected too close to the surface of the skin.

But there is a new facial filler on the market, Belotero, designed for treating fine lines and superficial wrinkles. Although this use of the product would be considered "off label", Doctor's we've interviewed state that it can be hard to get consistent results using BOTOX alone for treating the etched lines of a man's forehead as an example. Because Belotero is thin and light, it can be injected superficially without the risk of being seen under the skin's surface.

Many patients complain they can still see lines etched on their skin after Botox alone. For these cases, many practitioners use Belatero in conjunction with BOTOX for treating lines and creases.

In conclusion, Belotero may be more of an ally to BOTOX than a competitor. At your next consultation inquire about what options might be best for you.

By: Keith Veseleny