Doctors are Reporting that Social Media is Helping Boost the Cosmetic Industry


Social media is no longer an option for plastic surgeons and aesthetic practices... to remain competitive with search engine marketers, doctors need to blog and be active in social media.

Social Media and its boost to the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Industry

Marketing by cosmetic surgeons is constantly increasing. As more and more physicians enter the field, the competition is steadily growing and it becomes more difficult and more expensive to stand out from the field.

Doctor Working on Computer
Social Media, PR & Blogging are essential
to maintaining a competitive aesthetic practice
This is a very visual society and with magazines full of beautiful and perfect models promising a new look and life. Everyone from new mothers to women in their 20's, those over 65 as well as an increasing number of men are in the game. Celebrities of course are increasingly touting their new looks.

Dr. Sam Speron, a Chicago based cosmetic surgeon says in a recent press release that social media has caused a 28% increase in cosmetic procedures in his practice over the last four months. He says, "Social media is here to stay. People want to look good in person but also online in photos and videos!"

Minimally invasive procedures like Venus Freeze, Liposonix, Botox & CoolSculpting are incredibly popular. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as Breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction / laser lipo and facelifts are also increasingly popular. With the surge of Facebook and Twitter usage it's not surprising that social media affects how individuals feel about their appearance.

"Plastic surgeons are realizing how important social media, blogging & PR are for their SEO efforts", says Keith Veseleny, CEO of Aesthetic PR, a firm that specializes in medical marketing for doctors. Practices that aren't constantly generating useful and fresh content are getting buried in Google and other search engines. It is an extremely competitive field and it's very obvious who is succeeding and whose practices are failing.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon, credits his practice growing in the down economy because of his active You Tube involvement. Dr. Barnes' channel has received over 400,000 views.