Cellulaze or LipoSonix?


Two great products but two totally different purposes. Be careful of unclear marketing and know if you are looking for fat reduction or a cellulite treatment.

The question of Cellulaze or Liposonix should never enter your mind. These are two great products, but they are designed for two totally different purposes.

Not happy with your thighs?  You need to ask the right questions, Cellulaze or LipoSonix?
Cellulaze vs. Liposonix
Cellulaze is an FDA approved cellulite treatment. Although, it's officially marketed as a 1 year solution, reports from patients and physicians is that the cellulite does not return. Dr. Bruce Katz says "...in the more than three years since he began performing the procedure, no one has reported that their cellulite has come back. The procedure is invasive and isn't cheap; however, many patients are happy with their results.

LipoSonix is an ultrasonic fat blaster. Liposonix ultrasound energy is focused in the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin, eliminating unwanted fat cells around the waist. Their slogan is "1 Treatment, 1 Hour, 1 Size Smaller". What is important to note is that this product is fat reduction not cellulite treatment. If you want thinner thighs, you might consider LipoSonix, but if your complaint is about Cellulite, you should be considering one of long term cellulite procedures like Cellulaze, VASERsmooth or CelluSmooth.