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A Botox Infographic and a New Users Guide to Botox is Created by Houston Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Paul Vitenas has just released an infographic and guide to help patients understand what Botox is and how it works.

The guide was developed to help all prospective patients make an informed decision as to whether Botox is right for them. This was done with the patients perspective in mind. "Amazingly, to this day many patients are still unaware of what Botox can and cannot do. The goal of this infographic is to help patients understand when Botox will help them meet their cosmetic goals and if not, then help them find a suitable alternative." said Dr. Vitenas.

Woman Happy with her Botox Results
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There are five important considerations to Botox according to the guide:
  • Choose the right Botox provider
  • Decide if Botox is right for you
  • Understand cosmetic units and how they're measured
  • Get the best bang for your buck
  • Ask as many questions as possible
Dr. Vitenas offers a free consultation for all prospective Houston Botox patients. During the consultation, he will go over any questions or concerns and help develop a plan with the patient's health goals in mind.

Dr. Paul Vitenas and his dedicated staff are committed to achieving beautiful, natural aesthetic results while providing patients with personalized care in a safe environment.