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SCAAR FX Increases Range of Motion on Scar Victims


In developing their protocal for the SCAAR FX procedure, researchers discovered a very positive side effect, increased range of motion

Berns Triplets Before After Dr. Jill Waibel
The Berns Triplets
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jill Waibel
A few years ago we were introduced to "The Berns Triplets" and their story of a life with scars from severe burns. The heros in the story The Berns Triplets: Hope For Third Degree Burns were Dr. Jill Waibel and The Lumenis UltraPulse. Since then, Lumenis has been actively working on their protocals and technology to have more consistant scar treatments and results. The finished product is the "SCAAR FX".
SCAAR FX increases range of motion in scar victim
Photo shows increased range of motion
3 weeks after 1 treatment
Photo courtesy www.aesthetic.lumenis.com
The SCAAR FX was designed to treat surgical scars, burns, deep contracted lesions and more; however, an amazing side effect has been discovered from it's clinical application. In many cases there has been increased range of motion after treatment. Burn victims suffering from limited hand movement are discovering greater dexterity, wounded warriors being restored more functionality or even the ability to smile when facial scars limited mouth movement in the past.