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New Non-Contact RF Device for Body Contouring -- The Vanquish


BTL Industries, the maker of the popular Exilis body contouring device, is introducing the Vanquish at the annual ASLMS conference in Boston today.

Boasting the largest treatment area in the industry, BTL Industries has released a new device into the highly competitive aesthetic industry, the Vanquish. The FDA cleared Vanquish uses RF energy to target subcutaneous fat as part of a completely non-invasive treatment. The procedure typically requires 4 weekly sessions with visible results after just one visit.

It's unique proposition to this crowded marketplace is that the device never comes in contact with the patient. It is not only non-surgical it is actually non-contact.

7/22/2013 Update: Several doctors have contacted AHB this week wanting more information on the Vanquish. According to reports, the products is scheduled to launch this week. If you are a physician who has the Vanquish, please contact us for some free PR!

According to the company, BTL Aesthetics, the Vanquish is FDA cleared for deep tissue heating.